Areas Of Work



Creating Livelihood Opportunities in Water and Sanitation sectors by building capacity amongst the local residents ( especially women and physically handicapped) . Identifying beneficiaries and providing training for skill enhancement are key areas of work

Environmental and Natural Resource Management

Planning for water , soil and livelihood security keeping in view the availability of natural resources of the region while taking care of the adverse impact of development interventions on the local environment . Also design and implement ‘Biogas-centric ‘ waste management units using innovative technologies


Participatory Irrigation Management ( PIM )

Building capacity of the farmers by training and assistance in formation and running of Water Users Co- Operative Society ( WUCS) including water management and distribution in a sustainable manner

Drinking water supply

Training various stakeholders of water supply schemes, GW recharge, management , treatment and O & M of the systems in both Urban and Rural areas

drinking water supply

Solid and Liquid Waste Management

Preparation of Sanitation plans in Urban and Rural areas for proper treatment and management of solid and liquid waste. Further train various stakeholders on various aspects of managing waste and recovering resources in a viable manner.

Lakes in Urban and Rural areas

Preparation of Plans for Improvements water quality in lakes , which are polluted by ingression of waste water from nearby areas. Futher provide solutions with appropriate technologies . Also take up studies on Hydrology and Engineering for Preparation of DPR

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